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The AEA (Asturias Writers Association) was created in Oviedo the 5th of July 2.000 by the following writers' initiative:

Ricardo Álvarez Labra, Mariano Arias Páramo, Juanjo Barral Álvarez, Saúl Fernández García, Fernando Fonseca Díaz, Javier Lasheras Mayo, Pepe Monteserín Corrales, Jorge Ordaz Gargallo, Tino Pertierra Álvarez, Rubén Darío Rodríguez Calvillo y Manolo Villarroel Labra.

Inscription of the association was requested the 11th of July and the 2nd of August 2.000 the entity was registered in Asturias Principality Association Registration with the reference number 6262.

Later, the 25th of November 2000 the Constituent Assembly took place and the Statutes of AEA were approved. Attached in their articles the following can be read:

ARTICLE 2.- The association has the following goals: Born writers or residents in Asturias promotion and diffusion work, as well as the defence of their rights and interests.

ARTICLE 3.- Activities will take place for aims achievement, in particular those dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of writers born or residents in Asturias.

The number of members has been increased from the first eleven writers to the sixty that nowadays take part of the AEA. Part of them use for their diary literary works both Spanish and Asturian languages.

Since it was created, AEA has organized different activities with the support and collaboration of various institutions and entities, such as the Principality of Asturias Government, Cajastur, City Council of Pravia, City Council of Gijón, Café Apolo, El Comercio Newspaper, Foro Abierto foundation, La Nueva España Press Club Association and Anaya Publishing House.

Among the most outstanding projects of the AEA, annual organization of the Days of Literature, as well as the annual convocation of the Prizes of the Critic of Asturias show up.

The AEA Literature Days Journey, performed by the writers of Asturias themselves with the majority participation of the rest of AEA members, offer an encounter place for exchanging experiences, literary dialogue and legal and technical matters speech that affect them. Besides, there is also a purpose of offering all the assistants the possibility of knowing other authors and showing them our current literature. Due to this, writers from different Spanish counties are invited every year, emphasizing authors such as Gustavo Martín Garzo, Javier Maqua, Fernando Marías, Ramón Buenaventura, Joan Margarit, Luis García Montero, Benjamín Prado, Félix Grande or Antonio Orejudo.

AEA also organizes other activities. We highlight the following:

  • First Poetry Encounter Organization due to UNESCO`s International Day of Poetry.
  • First Children and Junior Literature Meeting organization which took place the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th of may 2002 in Oviedo, titled “A new century for new readers”.
  • Continuous collaboration organizing acts promotion as well as literature diffusion carried out by Asturian writers cooperating with the Rural Box Foundation Open Forum and Cervantes Bookstore.
  • Collaboration with the Official School of Quantity Surveyors and Technical Architects of the Principality of Asturias, year 2002, to create literary text for the book “El artista estuvo allí” - The artist was there-, that includes Juan Martínez Rionda graphics and watercolors works as well as texts from 84 Asturias different authors.
  • Coproduction of “The Voice of Poets”, a play represented by Teatro Pausa.
  • AEA participation in the Oviedo Book Fair (2001 to 2005 editions).

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